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Help us help you save money. Sometimes “maintenance issues” are not truly maintenance issues and can be solved with some simple troubleshooting steps. If you submit a maintenance request where a vendor came to your assistance and there was nothing wrong, you will be charged a vendor charge. To avoid any unnecessary charges, please see the following list of frequent troubleshooting tips.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Advice


A plunger is the most useful tool for clearing a toilet clog. If you do not already own one, you can purchase a plunger inexpensively from most hardware and home stores. If your toilet is clogged, try using a plunger before submitting a maintenance request.


Sink/Shower Drains

If your sink or shower is not draining properly, you may be able to use a drain cleaning tool to remove debris from the pipes. You can find small plastic drain cleaners at most hardware stores. You can snake these into the pipe and pull the debris up to dispose of it.

You can also try liquid cleaning products, but make certain you only use drain-safe cleaners. Corrosive chemicals may cause irreparable damage to the plumbing system in your rental home.

Water in an electric water heater is heated by two heating elements (in most cases). The most common reason for absolutely no hot water is that the circuit breaker has tripped. Before submitting a maintenance request, make sure to check the breaker box first.

If your air conditioning or heating system isn’t working properly, please check all thermostat settings before submitting a maintenance request.